March 11, 2021

Volunteer crocus are always welcome

The first crocus of 2021 are open! I didn't plant them where they are but that hardly matters. I was delighted to spot them on my afternoon walk. 

I used to have a lot more crocus scattered about the manor, and I think I'll purchase a bag or two of bulbs the next time I see them. Driving up to the house and seeing the crocus blooming in a wave across the woods gave me a happy feeling. I'm sure now that I'm home more, seeing crocus happily blooming everywhere will make me even happier! 

Seeing the crocus tells me it's time to start paying attention to what's coming up. The little blue snow glories should make an appearance any day now. They've multiplied over the years to where they make quite a showing. I've thought, many times, I need to dig a few of those tiny bulbs and plant them at the top of the lot. They will self-seed and like all plants, the seeds tend to do better heading down a hill. 

It really is the simple country pleasures that make life enjoyable, at least at Holly Tree Manor. 

The Lady of Holly Tree Manor

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