December 22, 2019

Holly Tree Manor

For as long as I can remember, the one thing I wanted above all else was to be the lady of the manor. I have three of the most beautiful acres on the earth, and I want to give it the care and tending it deserves.

That goal is closer than ever. I've dropped back to a four-day workweek and so have more time to enjoy my "manor." This blog will, hopefully, chronicle my journey forward. 

I am many things in this life: wife, wage earner, caregiver, author, administrative assistant, aspiring chef, and an accomplished organizer. Up until now, a lot of my personal life has seeped into my author's blog, Between the Keys. I'm sure that will continue from time-to-time. 

But not every book reader cares to share my reflections on living in the country, or where I've been and what I'm doing. Conversely, if you landed here but would rather learn about my books, click over to Between the Keys. 

I was born about five-hundred yards from where I live. My grandparents gifted me with three acres and here I've been since 1981. My roots go deep. There are thirteen holly trees on my property and I didn't plant any of them. They grew from seeds birds carried in, most likely from the holly trees my grandfather had at the old homeplace. Of my parents and grandparents, it was Pop who had the biggest influence on my life. I choose the name Holly Tree Manor to honor him.

And so begins the chronicle of my life as I ease into "retirement" and begin to embrace my fondest wish - to become the Lady of Holly Tree Manor. 

The Lady of Holly Tree Manor

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