March 20, 2021

A reliable, hardworking tool - the log splitter

We've had our log splitter for a good number of years, well over twenty, and we've split cord after cord after cord of firewood with it. These days, it's looking a little worn. 

With my retirement just around the corner, it's time for us to decide if we have the mobile repair guy come and give it a bit of a re-build or should we spend the money on a new one? 

There are a lot of options out there we didn't have twenty years ago. Now we can look into one that runs off the PTO on the John Deere, not that I really want that hassle. What I would like to have is one where you can roll the rounds onto a tray that the machine lifts up to the splitting rail. 

So I think that's my answer right there. It's time to retire the old splitter and get a new one that won't be so hard on my back. Maybe the mobile machine guy will want the old one for parts. It's worth asking, isn't it?

The Lady of Holly Tree Manor

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