March 24, 2021

A lighting upgrade

I think I'm fortunate in that even after almost forty years, I still like my little house in the woods. It's not a mansion by any stretch of the imagination, but it's MY manor house. I wonder what my grandparents would say if they knew I was still here, so many years after their passing. 

Like anyone who lives in a beloved house for a long time, after a while, some things start to wear on the eyes. In my case, it was a pair of light/fan fixtures in the dining room and kitchen. They were installed in the early nineties when ceiling fans were entering a revival and gold trim was everywhere. I've wanted to get an updated look for many years, but true to the Yankee side of the family, I thought it was foolish to spend the money to replace perfectly operational equipment. 

I had a "snapping" moment when I spotted a pendant light that was just what I wanted but didn't know that until I saw it.

One of the few renovations we've done was to remove the L-shaped bar between the kitchen and dining room and replace it with an island. I've always wanted a light above the island but didn't want to give up the custom pot rack we built for over it. A pendant light was always the solution but I never saw one I really liked enough to cut a hole in the drywall for - until now. And the bonus was finding a fan/light combo that matches.

The new fans and pendant light are in and I love the look. The darker finishes work perfectly with the granite counters. Taking down the pot rack so the brother-in-law could do the electrical work gave us a much-needed push to rearrange the pans and lids and run the crystal stemware through the dishwasher. Everything is back in place and shiny clean. 

Installing new lights doesn't sound like it would be a big change but it was just what we needed this spring. The COVID-19 pandemic has had me working from home and it's helped me settle on a few changes for my nest. There is a silver lining to everything. 

The Lady of Holly Tree Manor

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