March 18, 2021

This is going into the menu rotation: Hamburger Hash

 Being fair, I have to admit the spousal's love of the food channels on YouTube is beginning to pay dividends. The latest find is from Chef John's Food Wishes channel. This is the same Chef John that brought us Chicken Parmesan a few months ago. 

Hamburger Hash. This is pretty much what the name of the dish implies with very simple with pantry-shelf and freezer items. 

I got some very lean ground beef for this. Chef John gives amounts of everything, but we're more of a "that looks about right" pair of cooks. So I got the pack of burger that looked about right for a meal for two. 

Step one - brown the burger in some olive oil and butter. Remember the burger is very lean so there's not much fat. Once the burger is browned, add a diced potato, or in our case, what was left in a bag of frozen hash browns. We try to be frugal.

Once the taters are have reached the beginning to get soft stage, add in onions and bell peppers in the amount that looks right for your taste buds and let everything continue to brown.

Chef John recommends salting between each ingredient addition, which we did. To finish the seasoning we added cayenne pepper and rosemary to taste. Chef John topped his hamburger hash with a poached egg while we went over easy. 

Oh, my, was it delicious! 

We've added this to our meal calendar to pop up once every five months. We think that will be a good spacing for this dish. 

The Lady of the Manor

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