March 9, 2021

Our littlest holly tree is doing okay

The winter of 2020 is mere days away from being officially over. We have twelve days to go until the spring equinox and I must say I'm definitely ready for it. 

The littlest holly on the manor (that I'm aware of, anyway) survived the winter in fine style. I'm happy to note it has grown a good bit since I first discovered it. I'm guessing it doubled in size since last April.

If I were brave I give it a shot of fertilizer but I need to go do some reading about hollies first. Even a little might be too much, or it may encourage too much growth too fast. It's always better to admit what you don't know and remedy your lack of knowledge. 

Over the coming days, Deuce and I will once again fight our way along the old tractor path to the southwest corner of the manor. When we get there, I'll be on the lookout to see if any other hollies are growing and mark them with reflectors so that as we clear the old path, we don't remove any youngsters by mistake. What would Holly Tree Manor be without holly trees?

The Lady of Holly Tree Manor

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