March 23, 2020

Strange days indeed

I'm not sure where to begin. Perhaps with a question: How do you know you have enough to survive?

As I write this, we are on a sort of house arrest due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak. The government has "asked" us to self-quarantine except for emergencies. 

What constitutes an emergency? 

People have gone mad. The shelves in grocery stores are bare. Toilet paper, of all things, is being hoarded. Bottled hand sanitizer cannot be found. Most groceries now have programs where you can order online and pick up your order. As of last night, if I order today I can pick up in two weeks. 

I'm concerned about having to walk the aisles in the grocery store, especially if I can't purchase the items on my list. 

Will I have enough water in the cistern to get by? 

Will I have enough money to get by? 

Watching the homesteaders on YouTube is not just for entertainment any longer. It's become more of a how-to for our modern times. 

These are strange days and I wonder who I will be if I live through them. 

The Lady of Holly Tree Manor