January 26, 2023

When the truth starts to emerge - EV costs

Have you ever just known that what you sense to be fact is true even when everyone tells you it's not?

Sometimes you know what you know simply by the people who have jumped on the propaganda wagon and touted nary an original idea. 

Being a critical thinker has been discouraged. Do you ever wonder why?

Every day I peruse the news feeds to see what is being presented to the populace, and I about fell out of my chair when I came across this article on Yahoo. https://autos.yahoo.com/driving-100-miles-ev-now-000000887.html  "Driving 100 Miles in an EV Is Now More Expensive Than in an ICE" by Ryan Erik King, posted on Wed. January 25, 2023, at 7:00 PM EST.

Why the surprise? Because it was on Yahoo, which is a Liberal outlet, not that I immediately thought the article had to be fake. Quite the contrary! I thought FINALLY SOMEONE SEES IT!!!

Someone finally dared to publish what we figured out years ago. How'd we figure it out? We did the math. We get a monthly invoice from the local power company with a breakdown of costs. We did the math. Charges and costs are all over the Internet. Google it and do the math. 

The deeper we sink into the fallacy that an electric vehicle is the way to go, the more we're going to find out who is getting rich on our hard-earned dollars. 

Now I'll be the first to admit it costs me a bit more than the quoted $11.29 per 100 miles quoted in the article. Running three hundred horses does come at a cost, one that I accept. My Charger is a dream to drive, has good safety features, and has the speed to quickly move me away from drunken idiots and texting drivers. I'm sure the writer of the article was comparing more comparable vehicles. 

Remember this, too. Everyone who buys gasoline pays a tax to fund road maintenance and road construction. An EV driver does not - yet. It's coming soon, boys and girls. Your government won't let you off the hook forever.

I've included the link to the article and a screencap because one never knows how long these things will be posted. 

As a nation, we do not have this figured out yet. Those of us who live rurally are very aware of the disruption going to an EV will have to our day-to-day living. We don't have the infrastructure. An EV doesn't meet our needs. Chevy may have made an EV Silverado pickup, but we can't afford it. We need trucks that work, not an $80,000 tribute to slavery. Because debt is slavery. 

As time goes on we're going to learn more and more about this bill of goods we're being forced to accept. Wake up now. 

The Lady of the Hideaway

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