January 23, 2023

Questions about decaffeinated tea

We're always making adjustments in the way we approach the foods we eat. It's not that we expect being cognizant of the level of chemicals we inadvertently ingest will enable us to live forever. It's that we think being aware will keep us a bit healthier in our rush to the finish line. Sometimes, though, we end up with questions about just how healthy something really is. Case in point: decaffeinated green tea. 

We've read for years that green tea has a lot of health benefits. I actually like the Bigelow brand green tea with mint. The Lord of the Manor isn't much of a hot tea drinker but every once in a while he'll join me in a late-night cup. 

Drinking green tea before bed is supposed to be good for adding anti-oxidants and removing toxins. It purportedly helps with weight loss, too, but I can't give a personal testimonial to any of that. I only know what I read, so when an article about decaffeinated popped up in my news feed, I read it. And I have questions.

The most commonly used process to decaffeinate any sort of tea is with the use of ethyl acetate. Ethyl acetate? That's what they use in nail polish removers. How the hell is that healthy to ingest? 

This is why I question just about everything. There is a saying, "the truth is out there." Out where? You have to strip back twenty layers of lies to find it.

My great-grandmother grew herbs for tea. I remember trailing behind her when she walked through the woods to snip wood betony sprigs. She didn't need books or the Internet to know what to grow and how to use the herbs. The knowledge was handed down to her. If she passed her herbal tea knowledge on, it stopped with my mother because it didn't make it to me. I have to rely on strangers. 

If nothing else, a cup of green tea before bedtime is a good way to unwind. I'll take my chances with the small amount of caffeine in a teabag keeping me awake. It's a better risk than nail polish remover. 

The Lady of the Hideaway

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