January 4, 2023

It's been a day

I slept in this morning, not rising and shining at all. It's a rare occurrence so I can't beat myself up over it. Our recent weather has thawed the ground, so even though our temps are in the 50F range, doing anything outside would be a proposition in mud. We'll pass. Needing to find another productive activity for the day, I choose to make a run to Sam's Club. 

It's a good thing the Lord of the Manor never questions how much money I spend on these "runs." I brought home Honey Buns and Cheetos for him as a distraction. He doesn't ask and I don't offer. 

The thing I like about a club warehouse is being able to get, for example, a carton of tissues at a time. Tissues never go bad and during the winter months, it's handy to have a stash in the laundry room. Is paying $1.41 a box a good deal? In my neck of the woods, it is. And that's the thing. You have to pay attention to individual prices. 

Some things, like Tide detergent, are not a bargain at Sam's. I buy it there anyway because it's so convenient to get the big jugs of the stuff. It doesn't cost more, but it doesn't cost less. 

So I'm home, $225 poorer, but well stocked on a few items. And what did Himself have to say about all the *stuff* we carried in from the trunk of my car? 

"At least we won't have to eat the cat."


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