January 31, 2023

Inspirational memes? Ask questions.

Social media is full of memes, cartoons, inspirational sayings, and now short videos. I generally look at everything except the videos, which I find to be idiotically staged and totally irrelevant to my life. Please be a narcissist on your YouTube channel and keep it there. I don't need or want to see it. 

That's just my grumpy woman opinion, for what it's worth. 

Cartoons can be fabulous political commentary and I generally read those. Inspirational memes and quotes? Who doesn't need to find pearls of wisdom among the rotting seaweed of social media? I at least glance at them and every once in a while find one worthy. 

Again, grumpy woman here.

Sometimes I see something that makes me stop and ponder the chaos it may bring. On the surface, this bit of inspiration is encouraging, but is it really? Not everyone who is tired has been living in "survival mode." Perhaps some of us give the appearance of exhaustion when we've merely retreated to who we are inside. 

There's a bit of victim-speak in this "inspirational" meme. Since when do we need an excuse to take a day to step back, get a bit of rest, and rejuvenate our spirit? But if we continually tell ourselves doing so means we're lazy, then we give up and we really do become lazy. If we feel we lack motivation, taking the time to sit down with a cuppa and think about the situation may bring a wonderful solution. 

Life is not a meme. It's the real deal. We all like to receive inspiration, but we need to look closely at the message. What is it really saying? If we have been living in survival mode, it shouldn't be difficult to do a bit of critical thinking about this. 

What is it inviting us to believe about ourselves? Finding that answer may be a revelation. 

The Lady of the Hideaway

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