September 28, 2020

The old pond

It's good to have a few years under my belt. I remember things the youngsters around me don't. They never had the chance. The other side of that coin is they'll learn things I never will as their lives progress and I'm gone. 

That seems sad to me. We are our experiences, knowledge, and skills, and we take all of that with us when we leave this earthly realm. All our uniqueness is gone. Perhaps that's why I started this blog - to chronicle a lifestyle I see fading. Fewer and fewer people seem able to embrace life in a rural setting.  

One of the things my younger cousins don't know about is the old pond. Back in the winter of 1990, it still had water in it. Since then, it developed a leak and the water drains away. It's spring-fed and by no means dry, it just won't hold water now. Being the curious sort, I've learned the basin is very soft mud. 

At one time, the old pond was home to the usual denizens you'd find in a pond. It even had nesting ducks in the summer. The pond was a favorite destination when I fancied a long walk in the woods. Even in winter, or especially in winter, it was easy to spot a wide variety of animal footprints around the pond. 

And so it's gone now, but the memory of that magical spot remains. At least for me. 

The Lady of Holly Tree Manor


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