September 3, 2020

A spot of trouble in the compound

repair truck
Rural living is the only way for me to live, but it occasionally hits a snag. Case in point - we recently lost electricity for no apparent reason. I called the power company and they came to investigate. They found that our thirty-eight-year-old cable had somehow developed a pinhole and water got in and grounded it out. The result - no electricity. 

I'm grateful the power company personal responded so quickly. I have a fully loaded freezer and I need to keep those food stores safe. Plus, if we get a hard rain, I need for the sump pump to be able to cycle. Our solution to a no-power situation is to start the generator. 

If necessary, we can live on generator power for quite a long time, at least until we use up all the gasoline in the cans. We won't need to do that, this time, but it's a reminder that we need to stay prepared. There's never a good reason to let our guard down. 

The Lady of Holly Tree Manor

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