September 7, 2020

Rule of trees

Here on the Manor, one thing we never need to buy is firewood. The Manor is three acres in size, two of which are wooded. Before I built my house, my father, grandfather, and I worked long days and evenings to clear a large enough space for a house, well, and septic system. In the years since the cleared area has grown some making the house and yard an oasis in the woods. 

The woods are precious to me. Who doesn't like the shelter of trees, the brilliant fall colors, and free firewood? There are enough large limbs dropped every year to keep the woodstove burning. Sitting beside the woodstove, watching the fire, is a simple country pleasure.

We lose one or two mature trees a year be it from age or storm damage to keep the woodpile at a healthy level.  Sometimes what falls to the ground isn't large in diameter, but even the smaller limbs are put to use as kindling to start a fire or to renew it in the morning. 

Of course, it is inconvenient when a branch falls across the driveway. When that happens, I need to cut it up and stack it, and toss what really can't be of use on the brush pile, whether or not I'm in the mood to work firewood. When you live in the woods, the trees rule. 

The Lady of Holly Tree Manor

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