February 2, 2021

And it snowed!

It's February and it's snowing. That's nothing new. The February full moon isn't known as the Snow Moon just on a whim. I stepped out onto my patio this morning at six o'clock and this was my view - a study in darkness and light.

The world was completely still, save for the falling snow. There was no wind, no sound. It was truly a visual delight. 

The snow is beautiful as it falls and as it covers the manor in a pristine white. This is the first time in several years we've had a snowfall last three days. Luckily, the flakes are powdery and accumulation a fraction of what it could be for a three-day event. The last time I measured we were at about eight inches. It does appear to be slowing and the radar shows it is about past us. Now the fun begins.

It's drawing close to high noon as I write this, and that is the time I've set for myself to put on my winter gear and fire up the John Deere 1023 and snowblow the lane clear. It won't take too long. One pass out and back in does the job. I only need to clear off enough snow to help it melt and to walk to the mailbox and back. The Silverado doesn't really need the snow cleared to drive it, but a faster melt is important for my Charger, which I won't even bother to clean off at this point. I will not drive it until the roads are completely bare. 

Having the John Deere has made life a lot easier. In years past, even with a four-wheel drive, I parked at the end of the lane and walked in and out. I wish we'd gotten a tractor two-decades ago, but everything happens in its own best time. Living in the country teaches that lesson, and it's one we on the manor willingly embrace. 

The Lady of Holly Tree Manor

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