March 7, 2022


For the past several years I've been gifted with a mini-garden planter for Easter. The violas last until the weather gets hot, but the small miniature daffodils are perennial keepers and I've planted them in various locations. 

Last spring, I needed to separate some of the clumps of daffodils that have been growing on the manor for many years. This past weekend, I walked through the woods looking for green sprouts and was pleased to see more than a few breaking ground. I don't expect many to bloom this year, but future springs should be yellow! 

I was surprised to see the tête-à-têtes blooming already. This little clump is really out-doing itself. I hope there are others I haven't spotted yet.

It gave me a feeling of hope following the long, cold winter just past. And it was a hard winter in many regards. My grandmother often said the colder the winter, the better the bulbs bloom. 

Time has proven her correct about many things. Here's hoping! 

The Lady of Holly Tree Manor (The Hideaway)

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