May 7, 2021

I worked for that money

I sent my Federal tax return in weeks and weeks ago. As of yesterday, my refund has not been issued.

The Fed still has MY money. Okay - no they don't. They've given it to other people under the guise of "stimulus payment."

I do not like this. 

What can I do?

I've done it.

I've instructed the guy who does payroll where I work to deduct as little Federal income tax withholdings as is legally possible. I've already paid in a bundle and that's all they need from me since they won't issue my refund. 

Yes, I'll have to pay a wee bit when I file next year, but that's fine. I accept. 

Can you imagine if everyone working did this? Do you think the politicians would notice?

I'd move on to the State, but my refund came back promptly, so I'll let them slide - for now.

The Lady of Holly Tree Manor

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