October 24, 2020

Bread baking and creative picture taking

For a reason known only to the gods of baking, my partner in life decided he was going to be the bread baker in the house. I didn't fight him for the title. 

He's actually gotten quite good at it. We've had fresh biscuits, English muffins, wheat bread, rye bread, and now we have baguettes. He purchased a special baking pan for the baguettes, and I approve. I also approve of his creativity and ingenuity of how and where to place the bread to get an unusual picture. Where else would you let the bread rest when you're clearing off and cleaning the island's granite top? 

Baking our own bread fits right in with our efforts to control food additives. The only drawback is, homemade bread doesn't last long without molding. Of course, most breads freeze very well, and we have a good-sized freezer. 

We're learning, here on the manor. We want a slower, more basic lifestyle. With cold weather almost upon us, I expect he'll expand his repertoire of bread and we'll have wonderful, buttery accompaniments to the homemade soups I'll be canning soon.

For a story about his first attempt at bread baking, visit my writing blog at https://kckendricks.blogspot.com/p/writing.html

Living simply doesn't mean we don't enjoy the little things in life because we do.

The Lady of Holly Tree Manor

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