July 21, 2022

You'd think we'd all learn - never say never

 One of the first projects the spousal unit undertook when he moved in with me was to, ostensibly, repair a small porch on the west end of my house. It needed new decking and one thing led to another and in the course of his first summer here, he'd built the sunroom. 

It's a wonderful space with windows on three sides. It's about 12'x12' so it's not too small. The south side has a sliding glass door that opens to a 10'x12' porch. The interior walls, ceiling, and floor are tongue and groove pine. It's my favorite space in my house, so I suppose it's little wonder my office migrated to the sunroom. 

For a good number of years, I didn't have blinds or curtains at the sunroom windows. It's not like we had close neighbors, but things have gradually changed. Off to the north, they cleared quite a few trees on the other side of the stone fence. I think they plan to sell that lot. The lady to the south has had a string of tenants, none of whom made good neighbors. 

A few years ago I conceded that having blinds up might be a good idea so people can't see in at night. Most evenings, after dark, I'm here in my sunroom office. This summer, my first being retired, I've given in completely and I've installed curtains. 

And not just any curtains, no. I went for room darkening drapes. If one wishes to be invisible at night, one should go all the way and manage the heat of the daytime sun and thwart the winter wind at the same time. 

I hung the panels today and I must say I like them. At the moment the panels are pushed back. Loki, being a strange little cat, needs to get used to them being at the door. He freaks over big changes in his world. Tomorrow I'm sure I'll close the south side panels to block the afternoon heat and see if they really do keep the room cooler. 

I had said I'd never have blinds or curtains but life moves on ever faster and our needs change with the times. I still have the option of opening the panels and raising the blinds to enjoy being surrounded by the trees. On snowy days, I can swivel my chair around and enjoy a cup of coffee as the snow comes down. 

If anything, I've expanded the ways in which I can fully enjoy my sunroom office. I wish I'd done this sooner. 

Never say never, just live and adjust. 

The Lady of Holly Tree Manor (The Hideaway)

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