June 29, 2022

We have an interloper and it's bad news for him

In the old days, I could call what was happening in the picture a Mexican stand-off. I imagine that's politically incorrect these days. Whatever you want to call this, it is not good news for the pigeon.

And what the hell is a pigeon doing way out here on the mountain? And why is he on MY roof? 

Yesterday, the spousal unit was outside puttering around and he started yelling for me. I went outside and there was the pigeon on the roof. We were surprised but we figured he'd fly on his merry way soon enough. Today we realized his wings have been clipped and he's not flying anywhere too fast. So how did he get here?

This is not a safe place for Mr./Ms. Pigeon. If Loki doesn't have fresh squab for dinner, the fox or the Red-tailed hawk will. It's even possible Deuce could inadvertently kill him thinking he had to retrieve the bird. 

Our community has a private Facebook page and I did post the bird was here. I do hope the owner contacts me to help facilitate a rescue before the inevitable happens.

The Lady of Holly Tree Manor (The Hideaway)

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