May 22, 2022

When the clock ran out

Do you know what is meant by the expression, "the clock ran out"? It's an old expression that predates football. Letting the clock run out means something is effectively over. 

I've been watching the countdown clock on my phone for many years, and today, the numbers went to zero. Time has run out on my working days. The reception for my retirement was earlier today and it was quite the sendoff. I was deeply touched by the end of it. 

Perhaps it was the generous parting gift that will be attached to my last paycheck, but I think I was equally touched by all the kind words. We often don't know our own worth or how much others value us. It would have been nice to hear some of the words earlier, before leaving. 

It is of no matter. The clock ran out, and a new day has dawned. I'm ready to embrace it. 

The Lady of the Manor (The Hideaway)

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