April 2, 2022

Sooo, Saturday

Oh, happy Saturday! I've always enjoyed Saturdays, and soon every day will be a Saturday for me! I have only twenty-seven working days until "retirement." 

It was a good day. Spring made an appearance bringing bright sunshine and a high of about 60F. I made chicken salad using my home-canned chicken breast, transplanted tomato seedlings for one of the cousins, readied a few flower pots for soil, and made a fast mowing circuit of the front yard. 

We had this little weed send up delicate white flowers and I said NO YOU WILL NOT GO TO SEED!  So I chopped them off. But I digress...

We also played auto mechanics, a game we haven't played in quite some time. This made neither of us happy, but paying $500 for a shop to replace a simple fluid hose made no sense at all. To be fair, the shop didn't know our plans to trade in the Silverado as soon as Himself located a van. We wanted quick and easy since it was only one of four auxiliary lines leaking, not a job to last us forever replacing all four lines. Anyone buying a 2011 model year knows rust will happen, and one look under the hood will tell anyone that line is brand new. If you don't know how to lift the hood and check out an engine, stick to your sissy little foreign cars, okay? Pay a garage a ransom for repairs, and remember we did a $500 job ourselves for only $35.00 and an hour of our time.  

It's spring and I don't have the screen door panels installed on the patio. But it's time. A bird flew in and got between the screen and the back of the cabinets. It took half an hour to get the poor thing up, out, and off the patio. I pulled out the garlands and picks I have for decoration and used them to block off the gap. It's an attractive solution. We enjoy our patio and having some pretty things are pleasing. 

Yes, it was a lovely day. Here on the manor, it's easy to forget the turmoil in the world today and simply enjoy working with our hands. Today, we were rich. 

The Lady of Holly Tree Manor (The Hideaway)


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