April 17, 2022

Shifting times of sunrise and sunset


He is Risen!

Yes, it's Easter 2022 and I'm up to watch the sunrise. It's always pertinent to remember the empty tomb but always more so on this day. Easter Sunday - the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox. People like to scoff and remind Christians just how pagan the timing is, but we don't mind. Scoff away if it makes you feel better. Scoff until your little heart is content. The day of Christ's rising will be remembered and remarked every year with or without you, and the exact date hardly matters. The changing date is part of the Easter tradition and a subtle reminder that we don't control God's timing. 

But I digress yet again. I didn't sit down to create a blog post about Christianity. 

Last evening, as I prepared to shut down the computer for the night, it occurred to me that it wasn't yet full dark at 8:30 PM. The spousal unit and I have discussed this a few times and had I not just clicked the shutdown icon, I might have investigated. As it happens, I'm up early and not ready to tackle the Wordle of the day, so I looked up the sunrise and sunset chart for the current year and for nineteen-fifty-seven.

Hmm. Interesting.

On April 17, 1957, sunrise was at 5:41 AM, and sunset was at 6:57 PM. In 2022, sunrise is at 6:41 AM and sunset at 7:57 PM. 

So now I am freaking out! Why is that happening??? What is happening to the Earth's rotation?  

As it turns out, Daylight Savings Time in 1957 didn't start until April 28. What does this mean? It means the spousal unit and I are NOT losing our minds! This is important stuff to a pair on the cusp of senior citizenship! 

It never occurred to us that we were both right and wrong. For us, when we were younger, 8:00 PM in April meant it was full dark. Now it means we don't need a flashlight to take the dog out to pee-pee. 

Our overblown and idiotic government caused this one. Just imagine that! They could leave Daylight Savings Time alone. Or better yet, end it or make it standard. Jeez...

This means we're really not losing it and the Earth is not about to fall off its axis and drift away from the sun, which would not be good for any of us, including the dog. I can't wait for the spousal unit to get out of bed this morning so I can regale him with the width and breadth of all this knowledge I gained this morning while searching for information on the Internet! He'll be so impressed - NOT. 

The fact of the matter is none of this really matters. Even if the Earth would break orbit and float away, it would still be Easter and the Easter promise that our souls are safe would still apply. If I did have more daylight hours to use in 2022 than I had growing up, it would still be more daylight hours to appreciate the creation around me. 

The time the sun rose on that morning so long ago doesn't matter, only what the sunrise revealed. The stone rolled back and the tomb was empty. The WOMEN were sent forth to tell of what happened. 

Can you imagine their wonderment as they told a pack of skeptical men, "He is risen!"? 

The Lady of Holly Tree Manor (The Hideaway)

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