December 23, 2020

Celery in the little greenhouse

Having purchased a small, inexpensive greenhouse back in September, we've been watching our regrown celery in the little greenhouse with interest. To my surprise, the celery plants are green and healthy after our nighttime temperatures are well below freezing. 

My surprise is due to the fact this isn't the world's best greenhouse. It's my test case. I expected it would be great in the spring for starting seeds. I never expected it would protect against a snowstorm like we just had a week ago. 

It has me wondering just how early I can start some of my seeds. Radishes are a cold-weather crop. We just passed the winter solstice and the daylight hours are increasing. Could I get some radishes going in the greenhouse? I'm not out much to prepare a grow bag and drop a few seeds in to see what happens. 

I'm getting excited about the upcoming growing season. It's time to check out some fencing to keep the deer out. I also need to find either a water tank or some sort of larger containers for water. I'd prefer not to drag a hose out every day. I'll get it figured out.

We also need to build three more ...what? I'm not sure what to call them. Trellises isn't the right term. Racks? Supports? Whatever. I need three more. And I need to get a few bags of potting soil, compost, and vermiculite to fill all the grow bags. If the celery shows no sign of freezing, I'll need to get the strawberry bags planted, perhaps as early as March. 

It's an exciting time! I just hope my enthusiasm holds when the hard work begins. 

The Lady of Holly Tree Manor

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