Preparedness: Important documents and photos

There are a lot of good resources to be found about protecting and storing important and legal documents, and your precious photos. There are some excellent videos available on YouTube, and even kits you can purchase at Amazon to organize and save legal documents.

I prefer a safety deposit box and an up-to-date memory stick, but I know not everyone wants to pay for a safety deposit box. 

Even if you rent a box, even if you have your documents in a water-tight fireproof storage container, it’s a good idea to have a copy of each document saved digitally. I scan items onto a memory stick, or jump drive as they used to be called. 

A digital copy may not be as good as an original, but if disaster strikes, it will be a lot easier to get a certified copy from government agencies. 

Keep your memory stick in a safe place but where you can easily grab it if you have to leave your home quickly. I keep mine in the case with my laptop, not with my main computer. My laptop is reserved for emergency situations. I don’t use it everyday. That’s just something else that works for me. That computer is virtually new in case my main computer fails. 

Fire can happen. My home burned in February of 1983. I was young and my material possessions were few at that time, but my important papers were in a safety deposit box. I could prove I was who I said I was. Life is a bit more complicated now and having a digital backup is becoming more relevant. 

Equally important are your photos. I have boxes of old photos my grandparents and parents took. If I knew the family members in the photo, I scanned it into my computer. If not, well, I have boxes of old photos. 

But the photos on my computer are also backed up onto a memory stick, separate from the one that holds the documents. That is also in the case with the laptop. I add new pictures two or three times a year to keep it more current. We all know how precious photos are. Have a backup in a safe place. 

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