Preparedness: The get home go bag


The “get home go bag”

Let’s shift gears for a moment and talk about having a “get home go bag.” What is that? It’s a bag, backpack, or even a bucket you keep in your vehicle in case you have any sort of car trouble. 

Just about everyone has a cell phone these days. If our car runs out of gasoline, we’re able to call for help. But what if you don’t have anyone you can call? Can you make it home on foot? Or to the next place of business to get help? Can you weather freezing temperatures until a tow truck gets to you? 

Having a “go bag” can see you through. If I have to walk home from my job, it’s a ten-mile hike. If I’m going to take a three-and-a-half-hour walk, I need good walking shoes. And water. Maybe a protein bar for a snack. And a bright orange hoodie or reflective tape. And a flashlight or lantern. I may even need a winter coat and warm gloves. How about a bottle of water? 

What happens if it’s snowing? Would I be better off staying in my vehicle? Having a sleeping bag in the trunk could save my life. 

In the warmer months, you might want sunscreen, insect repellant, and a straw hat. 

It’s something to not only think about but to act on. You could save your own life. Be intentional and store some emergency supplies in your vehicle, and a shoulder bag to carry a few things with you if you start walking. Check your inventory at least twice a year and stay current with the weather for your changing seasons. It only takes a few minutes of your time.

I have a very reliable car, but just because it’s never had a problem doesn’t mean it will never have any issues, and that’s what I prepare for. 

If I have trouble along the road, my handicapped husband may not be unable to help me, that is, come and get me. Take a look at your circumstance and figure out what you need to do if you find yourself completely on your own. 

Next in series: Do I need a dehydrator or even a freeze dryer?

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